My carrd

CALL ME joey!

I am a bpoc and a minor !! Please check out my linktree and pronounspage (under links/socials) for information about myself and how to refer to me <3

Image made by @ _bloominflowers on twt !


❥ Song: Poison by Bell Biv Devoe❥ Game: Skullgirls❥ Band: Insane Clown Posse❥ Show: Girl from Nowhere; AIB❥ Color: White❥ Author: James Patterson❥ Youtuber: CoryxKenshin; Kubz Scouts❥ Candy: Skittles

I go by any pronouns except for neos (he/him, they/them, or she/her)! my personality is INTP-A. I'm omni and I love listening to music as well as playing games with other people like roblox, minecraft, or vrchat. I also like making stories (some of which I've published) and I'm in the middle of creating a blog!


Poison by Bell Biv DevoeStaying Alive by Bee GeesRedbone by Childish GambinoMe and Your Mama by Childish GambinoTrack Meet by DevTakeFlightBohemian Rhapsody by QueenNever Too Much by Luther VandrossBeneath the Mask (Persona 5 OST)Super Freak by Rick JamesDilemma by Kelly Rowland and NellyRainbows & Stuff by Insane Clown PosseHokus Pokus by Insane Clown PosseAncient Dreams in a Modern Land by MARINA4 A.M. by Taeko OnukiHey Ya! by OutkastCupid's Chokehold / Breakfast in America by Gym Class HeroesSomebody to Love by QueenDead To Me by Kali Uchis


-Being homophobic, racist, zoophilic, etc.-Making offensive "jokes"-Being eddiesexual or dreamsexual or some shit like that- it makes a mockery of the lgbtq+-Weeaboos, xenophobic people, proshippers, people who don't accept other's opinions, people who don't respect pronouns, being too judgemental, if you cannot have a respectful debate or resort to insults over arguments, etc.- Prying-Basic dni criteria!


- Venting; Venting makes me slightly uncomfortable and I don't completely know how to handle it or comfort people, so if you can, please try to talk to someone else.- Lots of flashing lights or bright images (especially without warning)- Realistic eyes (usually up close). This mostly applies to when someone is crying. It just makes me feel weird.- Loud things


- I can make an unhealthy amount of sex jokes. Just tell me if you're uncomfortable with this or want me to tone it down.- If I say or do something that bothers you, feel free to let me know, regardless of how "serious" you feel it is!- I say slurs that I can reclaim (not often). If you ever feel uncomfy with this, please tell me!- Please respect my privacy.


Bobbicus Atticus III was a pet fish that I had for most of my elementary school years. He was an inspiration, and a true hero to the children of America today. He couldn't speak, but he said a lot of words in his lifetime. He was always there for me and my sister whenever we were sad. He was one of the first and only pets I've had, and even though he probably wasn't that important, he was still a special little guy to me. The best fish that a little girl could ask for </3